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We carry a wide variety of corals big and small and an ever changing supply so there is always something new to discover.  We take our work seriously and every new arrival is cleaned and dipped with a meticulous eye. 


Saltwater Fish


Fish are what make an aquarium entertaining.  Some fish are for show, and some can actually help you keep your tank clean and healthy.  Every saltwater aquarium runs best with a healthy ecosystem consisting of many living creatures that work as a whole.


Aquarium Supplies


 We take pride in our large selection of supplements, food, accessories and even hardware! You will be surprised to see how many supplies we keep IN STOCK. 



"This is the place to go! From how they have it decorated to how it is set up and what they keep in stock. And the staff is simply beyond amazing."
-Jessie C. 

"I have visited this store several times, since it is close to my house. The store is clean and well organized, and the staff are friendly and helpful. The coral selection is very nice and reasonably priced. All the frag tanks are also lit by LED, which is a nice showcase for the technology that is out there now."

-Pearson H.

"Stopped by today to look at Richmond's newest saltwater store. I had zero intentions of buying anything. After seeing the killer selection of corals at the some of the best prices I have ever seen in a retail location, I could't resist. I left with four bags of corals. Even though I spent a lot of money, I got twice as much as I would have in most stores. Its definitely worth a visit!"

-Todd S

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